About Me

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I hope you find some recipes and information you can enjoy.

I am a Minnesota girl who loves to cook and bake. What better way to share my interests through a blog with others who love to do the same. When I started this blog it was just to keep up with daily life and show what is going on but decided to change it strictly to food. So, if you see some of my earlier posts they will not be about food. As I have started blogging I have found some great inspiration and ideas. I hope you enjoy what I have started and feel free to give me ideas or recipes you would like to be posted. I am always up for any kind of challenge so bring it on.

I am also happily married and we have a basset hound named Flash who is the sweetness dog you will ever meet. Unfortunately, he does not get to try any of my recipes because he is not allowed to have people food unless there is crumbs on the floor which he will for sure scout out and get every last crumb. One day I plan on making homemade dog biscuits for him so maybe I will have to throw in a few dog posts now and then.